Dataverse Computer: Secure Personal Data with Programmable HyperCloud and Data Wallet
11-16, 15:00–15:30 (Europe/Istanbul), Asuka Theater

This talk will focus on next-gen data wallet and data operating system, unlocking a new paradigm for users to control internet data using a single wallet.

It will cover topics around sign-in-with-ethereum, object capability and graph database, as well as DataverseOS implementations of wallet-portable file system, which serves as programmable cloud for internet dApps like Twitter and Medium.

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See also: Dataverse HyperCloud (978.8 KB)

Qibing Li is Co-founder and core architect of DataverseOS, aimed at creating a new data paradigm for individuals to control their web footprint data. Previously, he was a PhD candidate major in artificial intelligence and data science, but love decentralized technologies more.