The state of Helia: IPFS in the browser
11-16, 11:30–11:45 (Europe/Istanbul), Geneve & Luzern Theater

Are you a dApp or web2 application developer? Do you want to access IPFS content in the browser? Come join us to learn about what you can do with the new-ish JS IPFS implementation: Helia.

We will cover current resources and ideas around Helia as well as our plans for what's to come.

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Russell is a Senior Engineer at Protocol Labs: A long-time, self-taught engineer with too many questions.

For years, he's been passionate about curiosity, learning to learn, AI/ML, front-end dev, DX, and automation. He is a newly fervent web3, p2p, and open-source enthusiast whose prior code is owned by corporate entities and agency contracts.

AWS + Amazon Alumni, former Nerdery Co-President, PayPal Alumni, and USAF veteran. Find him @SgtPooki online.