Indexing Co and The Road to Data 3.0
11-16, 11:45–12:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Geneve & Luzern Theater

Indexing Co is on a mission to solve data accessibility to unlock the next generation of web3 products. This talk dives into how we're attempting to redefine "indexing" and the distributed systems involved in the process. Specifically, we'll dive into how we're exploring using protocols like IPFS to implement distributed queues and composable indexes.

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Long-time engineer, now co-founder. I've spent the last 7 years leading engineering efforts for products and infrastructure in the web3 space for companies such as Coinbase, imbrex, and now Indexing Co. Along the way I've worked with a number of startups outside of web3 (Tripgrid, Daily Harvest, etc) to help them with their own data and infrastructure needs.