Saturn Workshop: Easy on ramps, easy off ramps — Bridging Web2 to Web3
11-16, 16:00–18:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Neuchatel

Saturn and DAG House present a joint workshop exploring how a typical web 2 customer can onboard and make use of the world of IPFS content addressing, without having to buy into unconventional protocols, networking setups, or technologies. Can we unlock the benefits of verifiability, trustlessness, and decentralization without users having to change any of their behavior?

Saturn and DAG House are both groups that attempt to solve a problem that prevents users from using content-addressing and IPFS easily. DAG House helps users store their data into the decentralized web easily (an easy "on ramp"), while Saturn is focused on delivering data from the decentralized web to web browsers extremely quickly and painlessly (an easy "off ramp").

We will each offer short presentations on the problem we are trying to solve, and how we go about solving it. We'll explore how Filecoin can ultimately help us get off centralized cloud storage providers, and what obstacles stand in the way of doing that. Finally we'll have room for open discussion of how we bridge web 2 and web 3, including a short panel featuring other experts in these areas.

Workshop participants will come away with a deep understanding of scaling the content addressed ecosystem, what challenges typical web2 users will likely encounter, and how to overcome them.

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Hannah Howard has made contributions across the IPFS ecosystem for 5 years. She wrote parts of Bitswap, all of Graphsync, most of the initial Filecoin markets protocols, and most recently Lassie, a universal retrieval client for IPFS in Go. Hannah is now lead engineer on the Saturn team, focusing on delivering a high performance web3 CDN. Before all this, Hannah just wrote web apps for people, and before that, she spend 10 years working in non-profits.

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Saturn Lead & Arc Founder

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Software Engineer with knowledge and experience of all things IPFS and some things Filecoins. Doing all I can to enable developers to build web3 native apps by leveraging the most from content addressing, UCANs and decentralized communications.

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Neuroscientist with project management experience in AI and web3.

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