Iroh: Take IPFS to millions of new places
11-16, 10:15–10:45 (Europe/Istanbul), Geneve & Luzern Theater

Iroh is the new Rust-powered IPFS kid on the block, re-imagined with sync, blobs, QUIC, and Magic Sockets. Use Iroh from browser to data center to home network to even mobile.

Building “the web3 way” is hard. Iroh helps get you past the basic "food, water & shelter" frustrations of just getting computers to consistently connect and sending data around.

Iroh is a new IPFS node written in Rust, designed to connect and persist across many different endpoints. Written as a Rust library, you can run the server node today, or combine it with your existing web3 Rust code to add performant networking and content addressing to your network.

This talk will dive into the design of iroh and how to get started using it today.

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