Cars and other forms of transportation
11-16, 11:00–11:15 (Europe/Istanbul), Geneve & Luzern Theater

This talk will provide an update on the increasing prevalence of cars for transportation. We'll describe problems cars introduce, and the ideas for mitigating those issues.

wen carV3?

Cars as a transport protocol for moving data are beginning to supercede bitswap, but comes with limitations. The trustless gateway protocol does not directly yield an intuitive way for a client to retrieve a file from multiple origins. Providing authentication or indications of partial transmission end up with an unclear home between HTTP transport and application level semantics.

Despite these hurdles, the car format continues to perform well and demonstrates sufficient flexibility to meet increasing demands on it.

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Having previously worked as a ski instructor, Will made the decision to relocate to Germany. Additionally, he possesses proficiency in the Chinese language and takes pleasure in engaging in activities involving fire. An interesting aspect of his journey includes teaching computer science in Pyongyang.