Alan Shaw

Software Engineer with knowledge and experience of all things IPFS and some things Filecoins. Doing all I can to enable developers to build web3 native apps by leveraging the most from content addressing, UCANs and decentralized communications.

  • Infinite Compression, Zero Knowledge Auth and Merkle Proofs - "upping" content addressed data with
  • Saturn Workshop: Easy on ramps, easy off ramps — Bridging Web2 to Web3
Ansgar Grunseid

Saturn Lead & Arc Founder

  • Saturn — A new Web3 CDN built on IPFS and Filecoin
  • Saturn Workshop: Easy on ramps, easy off ramps — Bridging Web2 to Web3

b5 (Brendan O'Brien) is a caretaker at

  • Iroh: Take IPFS to millions of new places
  • Iroh Workshop: Running and Connecting Nodes and Devices
Boris Mann

Founder and CEO of Fission, building the Everywhere Computer: WebAssembly functions that run from your browser to servers and back again, on top of IPFS, content addressing, and more.

Open source builder and community wrangler. Protocols over platforms: UCAN, WNFS, IPVM. Lives in Vancouver, Canada. Likes to cook & eat.

  • IPFS Connect Opening Session
  • IPVM: Bringing Wasm-Based Edge Compute to IPFS
  • IPVM Workshop: Running WebAssembly Workflows with IPFS
Brian Hoffstein


  • Boom! by Tableland
Brock Haugen

Long-time engineer, now co-founder. I've spent the last 7 years leading engineering efforts for products and infrastructure in the web3 space for companies such as Coinbase, imbrex, and now Indexing Co. Along the way I've worked with a number of startups outside of web3 (Tripgrid, Daily Harvest, etc) to help them with their own data and infrastructure needs.

  • Indexing Co and The Road to Data 3.0
Carson Farmer

Carson does research and development with @textileio and @tablelandnetwork. He's also a former university professor turned distributed web and open source advocate. Carson enjoys working on advanced data structures and peer to peer protocols. He also runs on trails and tells dad jokes.

  • Boom! by Tableland
  • Structured data with IPLD: How to get the most out of your static data
  • Transitioning from curiosity to commodity: Mainstreaming IPFS
Edvard Hübinette

Backend and protocol engineer at DeSci Labs, rethinking the management of the scientific record. Previously did backend engineering at MakerDAO and cloud architecture at Nortical.

  • Modelling the Scientific Record as a DAG
Eiman Abdelmoneim

Head of Solutions at thirdweb. Helping creators and app developers find Web3 success

  • Deploy a dApp to IPFS in less than 15 minutes
Guo Liu

Guo Liu is an engineer and cyber anarchist who learned programming and p2p technologies by circumventing the China firewall. As the CTO and co-founder of Matters Lab, he now works on protocols and applications that can enable and preserve meaningful content and discussions.

  • A decentralized social graph made with IPNS
Hannah Howard

Hannah Howard has made contributions across the IPFS ecosystem for 5 years. She wrote parts of Bitswap, all of Graphsync, most of the initial Filecoin markets protocols, and most recently Lassie, a universal retrieval client for IPFS in Go. Hannah is now lead engineer on the Saturn team, focusing on delivering a high performance web3 CDN. Before all this, Hannah just wrote web apps for people, and before that, she spend 10 years working in non-profits.

  • Working IPFS Systems: A Love/War Story
  • Saturn Workshop: Easy on ramps, easy off ramps — Bridging Web2 to Web3
James Walker
  • IPVM Workshop: Running WebAssembly Workflows with IPFS
Jen B

Neuroscientist with project management experience in AI and web3.

  • Infinite Compression, Zero Knowledge Auth and Merkle Proofs - "upping" content addressed data with
  • Saturn Workshop: Easy on ramps, easy off ramps — Bridging Web2 to Web3
Joel Thorstensson

Joel is a co-founder of 3Box Labs, and co-creator of Ceramic Network. He has been working on user centric data since he joined ConsenSys in 2015. Before diving into crypto full-time, Joel studied complex adaptive systems in Sweden.

  • Event based mutability on IPFS

You are running some of my code, probably, somewhere.

  • What is Content Addressing and why is it the Second Best Thing in the World ?
Kyle Den Hartog

Kyle Den Hartog is helping to promote a work where the web can be more private and secure for everyone. This desire led him to be an eager contributor to the design and development of standards in the decentralized identity space. This lead into other work on the web through contributing to EIPs, W3C, and IETF more recently. Loaded with a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science from the University of Iowa, a penchant for applied cryptography, cybersecurity and privacy-enhancing technologies and a need to further enhance mankind’s symbiotic relationship with technology, Den Hartog launches himself headfirst into active like-minded communities that embrace these topics.

When Den Hartog isn’t cooking internet standards for breakfast, eating code for lunch, and consuming knowledge for dinner, he enjoys skiing, golfing, and traveling. Originally born and raised as an American, Den Hartog claims New Zealand as his new home after traveling there and falling in love with it’s landscapes and laid-back culture.

  • IPFS + Browsers: synergistic decentralization for the masses
Qibing Li

Qibing Li is Co-founder and core architect of DataverseOS, aimed at creating a new data paradigm for individuals to control their web footprint data. Previously, he was a PhD candidate major in artificial intelligence and data science, but love decentralized technologies more.

  • Dataverse Computer: Secure Personal Data with Programmable HyperCloud and Data Wallet
Robin Berjon

Head of the IPFS Ecosystem WG

  • IPFS Community Governance
Russell Dempsey

Russell is a Senior Engineer at Protocol Labs: A long-time, self-taught engineer with too many questions.

For years, he's been passionate about curiosity, learning to learn, AI/ML, front-end dev, DX, and automation. He is a newly fervent web3, p2p, and open-source enthusiast whose prior code is owned by corporate entities and agency contracts.

AWS + Amazon Alumni, former Nerdery Co-President, PayPal Alumni, and USAF veteran. Find him @SgtPooki online.

  • The state of Helia: IPFS in the browser
Vasily Rudomanov

Last 15 years Vasily is building B2B products for data centers, cloud management, virtualization, storage and networking. The current Vasily's place is Chainstack where he is responsible for the product team to deliver the best in class a blockchain managed service.

Before that, in Acronis, Vasily was leading the product team to deliver a cloud data center operating system with focus on data security, protection and privacy. There are more than 1500 commercial deployments on such system at customers' locations with up to 250 Petabytes of protected data.

Vasily has Master of Computer Science and Master of Business Administration degrees. Aside his main work, Vasily is teaching Product Management in online schools and communities, and share his thoughts about technologies, future and society in a telegram-channel @futurioo

  • IPFS over Storj Backend
Vijay Krishnavanshi
  • Privacy-Focused User Access for Consumer dApps
Vsevolod Breus
  • Debox: Enabling Greater Decentralized Storage Acceptance among Web2 Users
will scott

Will’s work revolves around the pursuit of a more resilient web. His endeavors span various projects, ranging from conducting internet-wide measurements to developing privacy-focused messaging systems. Currently, his focus lies on privacy and data transfer protocols at Protocol Labs.

Having previously worked as a ski instructor, Will made the decision to relocate to Germany. Additionally, he possesses proficiency in the Chinese language and takes pleasure in engaging in activities involving fire. An interesting aspect of his journey includes teaching computer science in Pyongyang.

  • Cars and other forms of transportation
Yiannis Psaras

Yiannis is a research scientist and engineering manager at Protocol Labs, where he has worked on several protocols of the IPFS stack. He is currently interested in data-driven protocol design and optimisation to help engineers make the right decisions on protocol design. The activities of the ProbeLab group, which are manifested primarily through, are focusing on IPFS and libp2p, but will soon be expanding to other networks too. Before joining Protocol Labs, Yiannis was a lecturer at University College London, where his research focused on future Internet architectures and protocol design.

  • Hot Topics on Web3 Measurements